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Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study at Ars Electronica

01.21.14 | Comment?

Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study edit

For the 2013 edition of Ars Electronica, in Linz, I performed a spherically enhanced version of Hydro Acoustic Study made specially for the Sphæræ inflatable dome pavilion.

Sphæræ is an inflatable pavilion with multiple domes, the interior surfaces of which serve as projection surfaces for artistic-scientific works. In this construction by designer Cocky Eek, the Dutch group Synergetica Lab will present a series of performances and installations. While addressing different senses, they all have one thing in common: each refers in some way to the field of synthetic biology, and is the result of an artistic search for the origin of life connected with an attempt to rewrite its code.

Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study at Ars Electronica 2013

With works by Martijn van Boven (NL), Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand (BY/NL), Cocky Eek (NL), Eduard Haiman & Michael Holub & Evgeniy Vashenko & Vadim Smakhtin (RU/UA), Theun Karelse (NL), Francisco López (NL/SP), Bas van Koolwijk (NL), Arthur I. Milller (UK), Matthijs Munnik (NL), Eric Parren (US), Nenad Popov & Erfan Abdi (NL), Paul Prudence (UK), Joost Rekveld (NL), Joris Strijbos & Yamila Rios (NL), Dieter Vandoren (BE) & Mariska de Groot (NL)

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