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Arcadia, Coded Matters, Audible Bytes, Seeing Sound ++

04.10.14 | Comment?

Chromophore at William Basinski’s Arcadia, London, March 2014

Here’s a brief round up of shows, lectures and performances I’ve been involved in the last few months:

William Basinki’s Arcadia [London]

‘In 1989 William Basinski founded Arcadia, a studio and performance space that defined Williamsburg as an arts community and became the seat of the cultural avant-garde in the 90’s.
In March 2014, Basinski and Art Assembly co-curated a series of Arcadia inspired music and live art events in London’ I was invited to perform a set of audio-visual works alongside a screening of my fixed media visual music works. Other performers included Evelina Dominitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Aki Onda, Janek Schaefer, Julia Kent, Charlemagne Palestine, Rhys Chatham and of course William Basinski.

Cyclotone [live audio-visual performance at Coded Matters #2: Sound Hackers]

Coded Matter(s) #2 Sound Hackers [Amsterdam]

‘Coded Matter(s) #2, in November 2013, brought together sound hackers and musical enthusiasts to contemplate the effects of technology artistic processes and the ability of silent data processing operations to create new (un)natural sonic phenomena. Code is making it possible to command the sense of sound in new ways, but this will only prevail as a method of making if new ways of thinking also emerge’

Here is a review of my performance of Cyclotone which took place in the De Brakke Grond Theatre:

‘Paul Prudence closed the matinee with a deafening Dutch première performance of ‘Cyclotone’, a synaesthetic experience reminiscent of Hadyn’s surprise symphony. The motion of the cylindrical circles appeared almost alive and embodied of their own accord, a sort of automated kaleidoscope of a black hole. Holistically it reminded me of the work by Moholy-Nagy with optical sound, where the audience extracts what they can from it based on their own personal sonic memes. Not for the epileptic, the hypnotic drones move from sound to music to sound again. The visuals acts as a radar that gives us extra-musical information about sound, what code does for sound, it creates metadata that can be manipulated in a way that allows us to further play with the matter’ – Kimberly Waldbillig

 Cyclotone – Paul PrudenceCyclotone [live audio-visual performance at Coded Matters #2: Sound Hackers]

Renew Digital Arts Festival [Copenhagen]

‘The annual Re-new media art confest is a meeting-point for all those active in the art-science-technology amalgam. The event is a platform for artists, technologists, curators, researchers and scientists alike, and facilitates networking, knowledge sharing and dissemination’. I traveled to Copenhagen in October 2013 to give an audio-visual performance at the festival. A Flickr set documenting the Renew Digital Arts Festival can be found here.

Cyclotone – Paul PrudenceCyclotone [live audio-visual performance at Coded Matters #2: Sound Hackers]

Tech Art: (Operating Manual for) Spaceship Earth [Rotterdam]

‘Filling 3.000 m2 with audiovisual adventures, technology, criticism and popular culture. Cooperating with ESA, WORM, Rotterdam and Den Haag art academies, leading technical universities from Enschede, Eindhoven, Delft. Tech Art is the tech-expo of 2014 showing installations, projections, games, concepts, prototypes themed around American philosopher and architect Buckminster Fuller’s concept of The Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’ I was included in the exhibition with a number of fixed media visual music works and invited to play a live audio-visual set in the floating Geodesic pavilion for the evening event. A Flickr set documenting The Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth can be found here.

Performance-PavilionGeodesic performance pavilion at Tech Art: (Operating Manual for) Spaceship Earth

Seeing Sound Symposium [Bath, UK]

‘Seeing Sound is an informal practice-led symposium exploring multimedia work which foregrounds the relationship between sound and image. It explores areas such as visual music, abstract cinema, experimental animation, audiovisual performance and installation practice through paper sessions, screenings, performances and installations. Seeing Sound 2013 took place in late November 2013 and focused on live performance, in particular contemporary dance’. I gave an audio-visual performance of my current piece Cyclotone. A Flickr set documenting the Seeing Sound Symposium can be found here.

ParheliaParhelia [background screens] at Tech Art: (Operating Manual for) Spaceship Earth

Visible Bits, Audible Bytes [Leicester, UK]

Visible Bits, Audible Bytes was a one day symposium and set of screenings/performances held in Leicester on the 12th March exploring the relationships between sound and image. I gave a talk and performance – other artists included Ryo Ikeshiro, Nicholas Bernier and Alo Allik.

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