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Elektra-Mutek EM15, Montréal

11.25.14 | Comment?

MutekCyclotone Performance at Elektra-Mutek 15, Montréal

Montréal’s well-know digital arts and electronic music festivals joined forces this year to celebrate 15 years of activity in the form of EM15. I was involved in the Para-visions night of A-V performances which took place in the impressive Impérial Theatre. Here’s a review of my performance, Cyclotone, by Daryl Keating, at Exclaim:

‘Dovetailing sharp sound design and conceptual graphics using only black, white and grey tones, Prudence brought the audience on a stark journey through cyclical space. For the duration of the piece, the visuals focused on one centre point around which everything interacted. [..] After being drawn into the point, the viewer was then shown the flip-side of the universe, so to speak, from the other side of the hole. Here, tornadoes of graphics centripetally swirled around the black hole, seemingly sucking in all known matter in the universe. Interestingly, despite how strikingly digital the entire performance was, it still managed to evoke emotion — mainly foreboding and dread that all life is gradually spiralling down an unstoppable wormhole’

MutekCyclotone Performance at Elektra-Mutek 15, Montréal

I was also invited by Greg Smith, of HOLO magazine and CAN, to a live Q&A session. Here is part of Greg’s review, A/Visions, Synesthetic Fever Dreams, that was published at Creativeapplications.net:

‘Our two sessions were quite distinct, but a few common threads drew them together. Biederman and Prudence both talked at length about the ‘liveness’ of performing visuals, and how there was a fine balance to be struck between developing overly-constrained workflows versus more improvisational setups that (can) invite cataclysmic failure. The interplay between sound design and visual composition was also central to both conversations and whether within the artist/composer relationship of Biederman/Thibault or Prudence’s manipulation of field recordings, both camps carefully described their nuanced approach to fusing sound and image. These exchanges were relatively free wheeling and it was great to have the artists field high-level questions from audience members like Naut Humon and Patti Schmidt’.

Photographs of the Para-visions night can be found here.

Photographs of EM15 performances, workshops and exhibitions can be found here

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