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Chromophore | XcoAx, Porto

11.30.14 | Comment?

Chromophore [XcoAx]

In June 2014 I performed a restructured and extended version of Chromophore at the Monastery of S. Bento da Vitoria for the xCoAx [Aesthetics, Computation, Communication & X] conference, in Porto. I also gave a presentation of a short paper on the same piece, which explores some technical and aesthetic aspects of the work. The paper also contained an overview of the creative process beginning with field recording sessions and ending with a complete audio-visual performance. A PDF of the paper can be found here.

ChromophoreAbleton Live arrangement view (click here for full size image)

The screen-shot above shows the complete Ableton Live arrangement view for Chromophore. The of top half of the tracks represent sound design material, while some of the bottom half are responsible for sending Midi data to VVVV for precise synchronisations. Midi Data also flows in the opposite direction, from VVVV to Ableton Live. Triggered by generative objects in a 3D visual system, Midi is sent to top track, in Live, which is a Sampler. In this way multiple instruments/sounds/samples and filters can be accessed by tweaking the visuals during a performance.

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