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Sonic Acts XIII / reviewed by Trace Reddell

05.07.10 | Comment?

RyNTH - Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam
Top: RyNTH at the Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam [Sonic Acts XIII], Bottom: Slides from ‘Generative Spaces: The Spatio-temporal Subroutines of Runtime Planet Earth’

Trace Reddell has posted a comprehensive review of Sonic Acts XIII – The Poetics of Space at Leonardo Reviews Online. He wrote a positive reviews of both my full-dome piece, RyNTH, as documented in a previous post and my lecture: ‘The Spatio-temporal Subroutines of Runtime Planet Earth. On the former, a performance that took place at the Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam, he says:

‘Paul Prudence’s ‘RyNTH’ is a full-dome grayscale piece that frequently shifted from long lines and descending bars to vast spheres experienced from both interior and exterior vantage points. This was one of the most stunning uses of the full-dome that I have seen. The use of grayscale emphasized subtle contrasts and shifts from states of complexity to simplicity, all based on only a few basic, generative forms. The dynamic motility of these forms put the audience in motion both within the forms as well as in a space occupied by the formal structures. In this way, Prudence’s work visually and sonically enacted for me something compelling about the Sonic Acts XIII festival as a whole’

Trace is Associate Professor of Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver. He has a strong interest in expanded cinema specializing in the works of Jordan Belson and the legendary Vortex planetarium concerts organised and performed by Belson and Henry Jacobs in the late 60’s.

My Flickr Set of the festival, conference and art exhibit can be found HERE

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